These are the final one thousand words. Two days ago, I had written 990,000 words and had just 10,000 – just 1% – remaining. As of this morning, I had 994,000. And between then and now, I have written all but these final few. And I am actually not entirely sure what I would like […]

And the most important possible thing you can do is a lot of work. Do a huge volume of work. – Ira Glass You can listen to it here… or you can see it graphically below:

A quick and straightforward 20-step process for beginners… Step 1: injure self. Or don’t. >>If injured: to absolutely any degree whatsoever. Anywhere in or on the body. >>If uninjured: still okay. Actual injury not really required. “Funny feeling” will do just fine. Step 2: webmd. Step 3: see doctor, as prescribed by webmd. Step 4: […]

10. While “Chicago-style” pizza is a very real thing, nobody is putting on any airs of competing with New York. Either they don’t care or they know that Chicago-style is inferior. Either way, since moving here, I have heard exactly zero people try to debate the differences. 9. When you tell someone where you live […]

Total words written during May: ~100,000 Cumulative total for the year: ~500,000 Reaching halfway is sort of like the old “glass of water” adage: on the one hand, I am halfway done. On the other, though, I have half left to go. It is the moment where you reassess your velocity; your habits and your […]

I wrote a guest post about motivation and the power of habits for Colin Barnes’ own One Million Words in a Year Challenge blog. As I continue to dig deeper and invest more into my writing practice, I have become increasingly fascinated with the concepts of goal setting and achievement; mindsets and habits. Human behavior, […]

We are moving right now. We are relocating from one neighborhood of Chicago to another one just north. We like to move about once a year – sometimes less; sometimes more – and if moving has taught me nothing else, it is: There is so much power in change. If you want something or need […]