Monthly Archives: January 2013

Commuting to the suburbs for work

Subtitled: not all ‘burbs are created equal… I am now taking the train to Lake Forest, Illinois. It is a one hour ride from downtown, where I live. I get off the train, into the early morning, and I board a coach on the other side of the platform. I have a minute to look […]

Month Review: January

This is an infographic of my 85,000 words as of Jan. 27th. I had no idea how often I used the word “want.” (According to a quick Word doc search, I have used the word “want” an insane total of 692 times…. whoa.) But the sheer amount of “want” – and everything else? It’s all […]

I have a lover too

I wrote about the mistress I made up for John. Like I said, I really do reference her quite a bit during our lives (e.g., when John says he’s working late at the office, I’ll reply: “okay, cool – tell Melissa I say hi.”) After a few months of this, when John realized she was […]

the humility in heartbreak

Twenty-two million years from now, you and I will be mere specks against a burning sky. And when we are floating particles, only a whisper of a sentiment, long ago, it will not matter whether we did or did not once hold hands as we pressed our bodies down into the earth; whether we did […]

2,740 words: not always fun

To write one million words in one year, you have to write an average of 2,740 words every day. Usually this isn’t too bad. Usually I rather enjoy it. But yeah, some nights are definitely tougher than others. There are definitely days when I only want to write, like, 1,000 words. Or nights when I […]

the awkward blind

Had an eye exam with a new doctor today. Took out my -7.5 contacts for the pre-game (“tests”) and a blurry doc walks in a few minutes later. I proceed to spend the next hour increasingly suspicious that he is a real life McDreamy/Steamy, but am unable to actually discern for sure… after an hour or […]

The first “real” job

Sometimes, having The First Real Job felt kind of like I had spent the previous four years of my life studying images of bunnies, and was then sitting in a room with people who set a real one down in front of me and asked, “well?” “What do you think?” And I stare at it – watch […]