2,740 words: not always fun


To write one million words in one year, you have to write an average of 2,740 words every day.

Usually this isn’t too bad. Usually I rather enjoy it.
But yeah, some nights are definitely tougher than others. There are definitely days when I only want to write, like, 1,000 words. Or nights when I want to stop at like 1,500. Or 2,000. I write a little bit – or I write “enough” – and then I have to really push to write the rest.

So maybe I am not being entirely fair anymore when I say “the writing comes easily.”

But when I look at my writing levels overall, I can see: hey, at least I am moving through things. And even if I have to push a little and some days I put fluff down on paper, at least I am writing. That is enough, I think, to say that I’m a writer.

And 2,740 words is a lot, any way that you cut it.
Sometimes I “don’t feel like writing more than 1,000?” Shit, even 1,000 is quite a bit.

And you know what? Even if I have to push myself through this, and struggle with the last 70 words and word-count check (uh, yeah, that’s a phrase) every 8 seconds or so, this is still the best part of my day.

This is. The Best Part of My Day.

And that is certainly saying something.
And while I think it takes more to be a writer than simply escaping from my job Monday through Friday, I am also saying that, come the weekend, I can do whatever I want, and lately: it’s been this.


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