Commuting to the suburbs for work

Subtitled: not all ‘burbs are created equal…


Lake Forest, IL

I am now taking the train to Lake Forest, Illinois. It is a one hour ride from downtown, where I live. I get off the train, into the early morning, and I board a coach on the other side of the platform. I have a minute to look around at the area before I am seated, and I marvel at how cute it is here.

One thing between this area and Broomfield, CO – another place I once had a project – is age. This area is older; it is also more condensed. It does not suffer from the mad sprawl that Broomfield has had to endure, through shitty, short-sighted developers who were given too big a plot of land valued too cheaply.

There are the kindergartners who cut a circle from the center of a piece of construction paper rather than near the edge, rendering the sheet useless to the next child wishing to create him or herself a circle. And so, like the paper, much of Broomfield sits utterly wasted – marks of shoddy development with poorly crafted, nonsensical lines between huge sprawls of space that could have been used more wisely, had the teacher only pointed out, “Billy, don’t be an asshole.”


Broomfield, CO

But nobody said this to Billy, so he grew up to be the developer who gives the people Broomfield, and then buys himself a home in Cherry Creek.

Billy really is an asshole.


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