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Month Review: February

I wrote nearly 100,000 words this month; I wrote every morning and wrote an average of 3,000 words each day. I broadened my focus from January  (during which my most common word was, apparently, “want”) to include reflections on writing, work, writing as work… the concept of time; the importance of inertia… thinking, feeling, people, […]

Morning People / People Persons

I think the early morning is the most beautiful time of day. There is something incredibly fresh and promising about the early morning; it is clear and full of possibilities. Everything is good; you have not yet eaten two cookies too many; not yet gotten in a fight with your spouse. You haven’t wasted two […]


I have never in my life been a racehorse. And more likely than not, I never will be. As such, it is fair to acknowledge that I will never know for sure what it feels like to post into a starting gate. That being said, I think I can speculate on what it feels like […]

Book of Mormon: a review

…of the Broadway musical, not the actual book. (For a review of the book, try here.) John and I went to see it last night, and to say that it was “fantastic” would be an understatement. I laughed hysterically. A lot. That too is a pretty limp articulation. So, instead of writing an actual review […]

Vices, virtues and sins

While we are on the subject of religion I wanted to share a word on sin. (And as long as we are discussing Christianity, let’s talk sin in terms of those “most deadly” seven: wrath, gluttony, envy, greed, pride, sloth, lust.) With regard to these sins (and sin in general): I think everyone has a “favorite.” […]

if running makes you hate running…

I was recently listening to a podcast on writing in which the interviewee, a female entrepreneur/blogger, shared an opinion on writing that I found interesting. I won’t say who the gal was. Yes I will. No. I won’t. But I will repeat what she said, which was: “[to get better at writing], I do anything but write. Um, […]

Let’s do Lent

The idea of Lent is a good one. (Not suprising, I guess… Like all institutional say-so, it looks great on paper!) But seriously, I do think it has some validity. I was raised Catholic, if any of you care to know, so I knew about Lent growing up, even if my family did not actively […]