Restaurant Ritz + To-Go Boxes

Ever wonder how classy a dining establishment is? It’s easy. Here’s how:

There are four tiers of to-go boxes correpsonding with four teirs of restaurant razzmatazz.

On the lowest tier, your meal comes in a to-go box.

Tier 3: you box the left-overs yourself.

Tier 2: your server boxes them up.

Top tier: you will leave that food behind.
(Under no condition will you tote your food around with you; you will instead leave anything uneaten behind as a very classy statement of “this food was so delicious, I could not finish; incidentally, it was also so expensive that I will make a show of my income by leaving it here on this plate. Also, I have such good breeding that I cannot be bothered with clamshell boxes, styrofoam or plastic bags. Thank you kindly.”)

Hope this clears things up.


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