Book of Mormon: a review


…of the Broadway musical, not the actual book. (For a review of the book, try here.) John and I went to see it last night, and to say that it was “fantastic” would be an understatement. I laughed hysterically. A lot. That too is a pretty limp articulation.

So, instead of writing an actual review of how I walked out of the theatre immediately wanting to walk right back in and do it all over again, I will say this:

You will likely love this production.
(Not all of you, certainly, but most of you. “You” in general; editorial “you” – “all y’all” – should go see it, because you will likely love it.)

You should especially go see it if:
– you enjoy laughing.
– you enjoy laughing at satire.
– you enjoy laughing at religions or races that are not your own.
– you enjoy laughing at your own religion or race, and you are Mormon. Or black, Mormon or otherwise.
– you have a man-crush on the creators of South Park.
– the idea of a bunch of guys singing and dancing in a style almost, slightly reminiscent of Chippendale makes you feel giddy in a funny place.

You should not see Book of Mormon, on the other hand, if:
– you are Mormon and do not have a self-deprecating sense of humor.
– the occasional, subtle crossdresser sets you into a fit of fury.
– laughing causes you physical pain or emotional turmoil.

If these oh-so-helpful bullets didn’t tickle your fancy, here’s this: they performed the opening number, “Hello,” at the 2012 Tony Awards. Watch it and decide for yourself:


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