Monthly Archives: March 2013

Month End Review: March

I had a pretty difficult month; certainly tougher than is typical for me, in the very least. I know that a lot of writers say this – in fact, it unfortunately seems like one of the most popular posts among writers is the “I had a hard time” complaint. So I say this knowing that […]

How to write one million words

Want to write, too? Maybe you would love to begin writing, in general. Or maybe you are already a writer who wants to write more? If so, I am happy to help! I have learned a lot since I began this initiative… it has been a combination of┬áresearch, trial and error, reps and sweat equity, […]

alphas, betas and nature vs. nurture: wild horses

To have hunger and to need things… to hunt; to eat; to stalk and attack and devour prey, and then to keep moving. Or to be forever on the move; to fight; to be always claiming higher territory. To be a horse; to be a stallion – the young one who is slowly climbing the […]

Emotions ARE our experience.

Emotions are a really, really beautiful part of our experience, aren’t they? Good or bad; ugly or uplifting, our emotions are what make us what we are, and I think that all emotions – even the gritty, guilt-inducing ones (or even guilt itself, as snarling and self-destructive as it can be) is what makes our […]