10% more effort = finishing one month early

Writing one million words in one year requires that we write an average of 2,740 each day.

If we write just 260 extra words on top of the requisite 2,740, we reach 3,000. If we do this persistently every single day, we will then have roughly 7,800 more each month. Which means we will reach the “one million” word count mark in 333 days instead of 365, finishing on November 29th instead of December 31st. In the very least, there is the satisfaction of finishing early. There is also the peace of mind of having completed the word count prior to going into the holiday season, if that sort of thing matters.

Writing an extra 260 words every day is just under 10% extra effort.
Most days, these extra words are a difference of only ten minutes or so, if that.

And, given that we are already writing, tacking it onto the end of the 2,740 for which we have already made the time, we benefit from the lack of that initial mental barrier; that is, the commitment to sitting down and writing. We have already started; already invested the time, energy, and attention. Sometimes, this hurdle can be the hardest. Once we have cleared it, staying there for a few more minutes is relatively straightforward.

This piece right here is roughly 260 words.

This is what it looks like to write this every day – to round out our writing to an even 3,000.

This is the extent of the everyday effort – what that investment looks like, and what the goal of “finishing one month early” really entails.

Seems obvious enough to me.


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