To all unseen creatives out there:

When you are working in a vacuum, you periodically wonder if your work is worthwhile. You wonder if what you are doing will pay off. You wonder if your time could be better spent doing something else. And though you enjoy doing what you do and would go on doing it either way, part of you still wonders.

And in all this wondering, there is an incredible satisfaction in having someone look at your work and say, simply: “this is good.” It is not so much “gold star seeking” as it a quick affirmation in the darkness: yes or no.

I think we sometimes assume that when someone is out there trying something, he or she has half a dozen (or more) people behind them, cheering them on – that all sorts of people are validating them and their work. But all too often, this is not the case. Sometimes nobody at all is very interested. And sometimes not even their own mom is a follower of their blog, despite the cliche that a mom is often a blogger’s only one. (This is actually the case with me. But it’s totally okay.)

In short, too often, creativity and creative pursuits are at the mercy of a single person’s daily decision to keep on trying or quit. And wherever you see something tiny happening in some far off corner of the internet, it is often because one person got up each morning and chose to keep working on it, even alone.

I have so much respect for every one of you out there who is trying something; who is putting pen to paper or their nose to the grindstone and really trying to make something out of nothing; who, if for nothing other than the sheer love of doing what they are doing, continue on doing it each and every day.

Here’s to you.


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