Feel stuck? The one thing you can always do when you feel like you can’t do anything

If you wake up in the morning feeling lackluster, or if you feel yourself regarding your goals with nonchalance, or if you suddenly feel negative or downtrodden or browbeaten, know that there is always one thing you can do:

Just choose to feel good. Right now.

When you feel like you can do nothing else, when you do not know what you want or where you want to direct your life in the near future, in the very least, you can always, always fall back on feeling good.

If you are behind in your word count or unsure where you want your story to go or if your writing is even going anywhere at all in the universe of writing, you can always decide to come back to this basic: to simply feel good. Right now. You always have the power to decide to feel good, and this should always be the bare minimum of what you accomplish every single day. If nothing else, find a way to just feel good.

And if you need some help feeling better, you can try any of the following:

  • decide that you want to feel good; you can’t trick yourself by doing it half-heartedly
  • eat healthy – like, really healthy – for a day. Or 3 days. Or from now on.
  • eat lighter – step away from the comfort food or junk that makes you feel like garbage later
  • eat more veggies; eat an entire meal of nothing but veggies; eat the recommended servings per day
  • cook a healthy meal for yourself with fresh produce. Tear kale apart with your hands. (This is more therapeutic than you may think.)
  • drink water; drink less alcohol, soda and caffeine
  • sweat. Go for a run or exert yourself physically, and sweat.
  • clean something that needs a good deep cleaning
  • call a good friend
  • meditate, if you are into it
  • do yoga, if you want something kind of close
  • read an uplifting book
  • read motivational material
  • listen to happy, uplifting music. (If you don’t want to feel sad/angry, don’t listen to sad/angry songs)
  • go for a walk 
  • take your dog with you on a walk
  • or don’t walk, but go outside anyway
  • get rid of 100 items; de-clutter your life a little
  • find something to laugh at (there is a lot to be said for the incredible power of laughter)
  • feel grateful – list five things for which you are grateful right now
  • commit a random act of kindness for someone else

These are just a beginning. There are literally infinite ways to feel good right now. And feeling good right now is not only one of the easiest things in the world – especially when you get good at getting yourself there – but it is also, obviously, one of the most enjoyable and satisfying things to do, especially if you feel you are getting nothing else done.

Children know how to simply feel good

And if you should ever find yourself feeling burned out or unhappy even when making objective headway on your goals, always come back to this first step: to feel good right now. If your goal does not make you feel good in the longterm, or if it is becoming a “buzzkill” every time you sit down to work on it, and you are not seeing satisfaction from the time you put in over the course of several months, then it may be an indication that you are pursuing the wrong goal.

The right goals will always contribute positively to your life in the long-run, not hinder it.

Just like positivity will always set you on the right course to accomplish the right goals.


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