You don’t need anybody’s permission

Our work belongs only to us.
We alone decide whether or not to drive it forward.

On the downside, of course, this means that:

We are responsible for making this happen.

We alone have to do the work. We alone are held accountable for its creation; that process belongs to nobody but ourselves. We alone have to commit to it – to get up each morning, sit down to a desk, and work on it yet again. We alone have to exercise this discipline.

On the upside, however:

Nobody is stopping you.

 We only have to convince and persuade ourselves in order to make our work happen. We  are in full control of this decision – to do or to not do the work. We decide. And we own it – both the tiny celebrations, each day, of a job well done as well as, on top of that: our eventual success.

Some feel that this accountability puts a lot of pressure on us.
I think it does the opposite.

There is something wonderfully liberating in the realization:

We don’t need anybody’s permission but our own.

Once you decide for yourself, you can begin at once to do whatever it is that you would like to do.


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