Month End Review: April

We are moving right now. We are relocating from one neighborhood of Chicago to another one just north. We like to move about once a year – sometimes less; sometimes more – and if moving has taught me nothing else, it is:

There is so much power in change.

If you want something or need something or thirst for something else, go for it. If you want a little novelty or a little newness or a slightly altered scene, change it. If are ready for something different, do something new. And if what you are building does not quite suit you – whether it is a book, a lifestyle, a career – change the strategy or blueprint of your work.

John and I liked our previous apartment just fine. But we like moving even more. (We are sort of weird, I know.) There is something to be said for experimentation and in seeing what a change might do; so much upside in going out on a limb to see if it will make things better or slightly worse. (More often that not, it is better. Almost always; better.)

This power of experimentation is applicable to everything. Not just lifestyles and apartments, but our work, too – whether it is our 9-5 job or a project on the side. If anything at all in our lives is not working, we almost always have the power to change it. And almost always, we should.

So far, I have written about 100,000 every month and April was no exception. With all that writing, just as with my life, I believe in trying new things. And I believe in continuing to move through things and press forward until you hit your stride. 100,000 words straight up is at least 30 hours, likely more. This does not include the fifteen blog posts I wrote – another 30 hours or so – and the articles I worked on for other sites. All of these hours, opportunities to do the work a little different.

If you don’t love what you are working on, change it. Do something different. Do something new.

Just like if you don’t love what your lifestyle is, you can change that, too.


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