Month End Review: May

Total words written during May: ~100,000
Cumulative total for the year: ~500,000

Reaching halfway is sort of like the old “glass of water” adage: on the one hand, I am halfway done. On the other, though, I have half left to go. It is the moment where you reassess your velocity; your habits and your reserves; the time when you “half-halt,” so to speak, glance over your shoulder, seeing that you have a clear round so far but still have half the course left to complete, and quickly calculate the probability of doing so in the same way; evaluate, in whatever way you can, your performance. (That’s a whole lot of equestrian references right up in here.)

When you have the daily habits, you get here almost by surprise and find that it is almost anti-climatic. Even when you are writing every day and adding that 3,000 to the previous total to get your new total and updating it on your blog to keep track in the public eye, the crossing of the halfway point carries an odd little weight to it.

You want to celebrate the accomplishment (you’re already half-way) but you also want to keep momentum (you’re only half-way.)


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