Hello. My name is Krista and I am writing one million words in 2013. This blog is the informal chronicle where I post some of my writing and chart my progress.

I am a consultant by day.
I am also a writer; an innovator; an observor of the systems that make up life.

I have been writing at my blog response crafting for about two years, but here I am curating the smaller, daily, rough tidbits of work that I create as part of my “million words in one year” initiative.

I don’t write here every day, and you won’t find all million words as I write them. What is here to be found is a small representation of thoughts and response and words, strung together as I move through my days.

Included in my daily word count:
a.) about 30 minutes of longhand each morning and
b.) anything typed into my one working Word document (e.g., reflection, observation, reaction, story-telling, philosophizing, initial drafts of blog posts and articles, stream of consciousness in between pieces, and the words “I don’t know what to write.”)
Not included: emails, (most) to-do lists, status updates, texts, cards, love notes, angry post-its, IMs, etc.
(In short: the little bits of correspondence required of everyday life.)

On a personal note:
I grew up in Colorado, have studied and worked in London and Boston, respectively, and currently live in Chicago.
I am an INTP.
My favorite food is Ethiopian; my favorite beer is Guinness.



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