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Hello. My name is Krista, and I wrote one million words in 2013. This was a smaller side project. My primary blog is Response Crafting.

During this year, I woke up at 5:30 most mornings in order to fit in about two hours of writing every day before heading into the office, and I wrote an average of 3,000 words during each morning commute. I was working as a consultant during this time, doing everything from business analysis to project management to development.

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I earned a dual degree in Finance and Accounting at the University of Denver.
I minored in English.
I was born and raised in Colorado.
I have lived, studied and/or worked in Chicago, London, Boston, and San Francisco.

I am either an INTP or mistyped ENTP. My favorite food is Ethiopian, my favorite beer is Guinness, and my favorite spaces are book stores, libraries and most city streets.