the initiative

Why one million words?

Two reasons:

(1) I like writing daily. I write a lot. But to say, simply, that I write “a lot” is fairly ambiguous in communicating with others and measuring it myself. So it made sense to put some quantifiable measurements around just how much of it I do every day.

(2) I want to write better. Putting a large amount of time against your craft is critical in fine-tuning your skill. An artist may throw away the first thousand-some-odd-hours of his or her work, and if she wants to create something great, she should move through these first iterations with persistence, humility and optimism.

And so, the combination of a.) loving the craft and b.) developing it brings me to “one million.”

It should be said, however, that:

I am not writing this much to hit a word count.
I hit a word count because
I write that much.

I would write either way.

One million words is a considerable amount of writing, of course. But it is not outside the realm of reason. It comes down to writing about 2,740 words per day, which typically takes about an hour or two. Mostly, I write in the morning, before work. I also write on weekends – my favorite time is Sunday morning.

I don’t write here every day, and you won’t find all million words as I write them. What is here to be found is a small representation of thoughts and response and words, strung together as I move through my days.

Included in my daily word count:
a.) about 30 minutes of longhand each morning and
b.) anything typed into my one working Word document (e.g., reflection, observation, reaction, story-telling, philosophizing, initial drafts of blog posts and articles, stream of consciousness in between pieces, and the words “I don’t know what to write.”)

Not included: emails, (most) to-do lists, status updates, texts, cards, love notes, angry post-its, IMs, etc. (In short: the little bits of correspondence required of everyday life.)

(After starting, I found others doing the same thing)

Still have questions?

Try the FAQ page.


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