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How to Hypochondriac

A quick and straightforward 20-step process for beginners… Step 1: injure self. Or don’t. >>If injured: to absolutely any degree whatsoever. Anywhere in or on the body. >>If uninjured: still okay. Actual injury not really required. “Funny feeling” will do just fine. Step 2: webmd. Step 3: see doctor, as prescribed by webmd. Step 4: […]

I have a lover too

I wrote about the mistress I made up for John. Like I said, I really do reference her quite a bit during our lives (e.g., when John says he’s working late at the office, I’ll reply: “okay, cool – tell Melissa I say hi.”) After a few months of this, when John realized she was […]

the awkward blind

Had an eye exam with a new doctor today. Took out my -7.5 contacts for the pre-game (“tests”) and a¬†blurry doc walks in a few minutes later. I proceed to spend the next hour increasingly suspicious that he is a real life McDreamy/Steamy, but am unable to actually discern for sure… after an hour or […]