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The final one thousand words

These are the final one thousand words. Two days ago, I had written 990,000 words and had just 10,000 – just 1% – remaining. As of this morning, I had 994,000. And between then and now, I have written all but these final few. And I am actually not entirely sure what I would like […]

10 things I learned about Chicago only after moving to Chicago

10. While “Chicago-style” pizza is a very real thing, nobody is putting on any airs of competing with New York. Either they don’t care or they know that Chicago-style is inferior. Either way, since moving here, I have heard exactly zero people try to debate the differences. 9. When you tell someone where you live […]

Month End Review: May

Total words written during May: ~100,000 Cumulative total for the year: ~500,000 Reaching halfway is sort of like the old “glass of water” adage: on the one hand, I am halfway done. On the other, though, I have half left to go. It is the moment where you reassess your velocity; your habits and your […]

Motivation and Triggers: Help Yourself Write One Million Words

I wrote a guest post about motivation and the power of habits for Colin Barnes’ own One Million Words in a Year Challenge blog. As I continue to dig deeper and invest more into my writing practice, I have become increasingly fascinated with the concepts of goal setting and achievement; mindsets and habits. Human behavior, […]

Month End Review: April

We are moving right now. We are relocating from one neighborhood of Chicago to another one just north. We like to move about once a year – sometimes less; sometimes more – and if moving has taught me nothing else, it is: There is so much power in change. If you want something or need […]

To all unseen creatives out there:

When you are working in a vacuum, you periodically wonder if your work is worthwhile. You wonder if what you are doing will pay off. You wonder if your time could be better spent doing something else. And though you enjoy doing what you do and would go on doing it either way, part of […]

alphas, betas and nature vs. nurture: wild horses

To have hunger and to need things… to hunt; to eat; to stalk and attack and devour prey, and then to keep moving. Or to be forever on the move; to fight; to be always claiming higher territory. To be a horse; to be a stallion – the young one who is slowly climbing the […]